Alexandra Devaux

Alexandra left Champagne for the (urban) fields in Reims.


Alexandra grew up at the edge of a family pond in the Rémois basin, where she spent all her time when she was a child. So the marketing career she got into… that wasn’t meant to last forever. After 6 years in the bubble industry, her motivation faded a bit, seeking nature more than an office.

Hungry for knowledge, she entered the realm of agriculture and began studying biodiversity, gardening a living soil, permaculture and even beekeeping.

But she didn’t go bananas, because our grower is a follower of the Japanese philosophy of "baby steps": by doing things little by little, we can end up moving mountains ... and that really does bear fruit.

Alexandra is launching with friend, “La ferme Rémoise,” an association that helps people developing urban agriculture projects and develops the 1st multiactivity urban farm in the heart of Reims.

For our grower, it is better to remain humble before nature, because anyone who starts a vegetable garden always experiences setbacks. But she finds it especially wonderful because it puts everyone on the same level, and that touches her little artichoke heart.

Join her and make Reims one of France's most dynamic ecological cities. You’ll be thanking her in just a few harvests.


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