Alexandre Lefebvre

Alexandre, the beer-keeper who plants tons of happiness in Brussels.

Alexandre Lefebvre

Alexandre loves hops. Of course, he’s Belgian, and since hops are used to make beer, it was love at first sight for him and that plant!

When he's not enjoying it with his friends, he’s stung by a love for bees. There’s a good chance that he’ll tell you about one or the other during his workshops, where he sometimes comes dressed as a beekeeper!

But Alexandre is above all an expert in urban agriculture. With his bioengineer background, he has supported numerous urban agriculture projects in Brussels, Belgium, and around the world. In addition to his expertise missions, he is director of Parc Maximilien farm, the oldest urban farm in Brussels.

Passionate, he could talk to you for hours about the people who inspire him (like Eric Duchemin and Jean-Martin Fortier), or about his vision for nature in cities of the future. For him, eating is voting, so as citizens we need to make things happen, even if that means doing it differently from everyone else.

Our grower is convinced that civic awareness can be awakened at work. When you grow your own vegetables, you become aware of the seasons and stop buying vegetables that come all the way from Chile or are loaded with pesticides. Plus, he taught us that gardening reduces stress and has a positive impact on our health!

So be like him: consume and vote in season.

Because there are no impossible vegetable gardens, Alexandre will always be on a mission to find a way to make them happen.


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