Carine Chevrier

Carine, an honorary native of Toulon, ploughs a vegetable garden in full consciousness.

As a child, Carine always had a flower in her hands as she wandered through nature, her eyes wide with wonder. Even at her parents' house, she admired her father while he gardened. She has the soul of a botanist.

Now, whether she appreciates nature in the forest or at home, it is always a question of soul.
Much like thinning a row of radishes, planting things allows her to clear her thoughts and meditate. While hoeing her garden, Carine imagines that there is a bit of landscaping going on in her mind too!

Maybe that's why she likes to grow everything and doesn't have a favorite vegetable or herb.
She plants everything for the very principle of meditating, which also helps her discover lots of new tricks!
Ask her to tell you about yacon over a cup of ​​perilla herbal tea. :)

Nature has the power to calm us down and help us reconnect with ourselves.
And even to lift our spirits!
In the future, Carine pictures a city where concrete coexists with green spaces, some domestic and some wild.
And even some uncultivated play areas, so that children can experiment and learn about plants, vegetables and herbs from an early age.

We know adults who can’t even tell the difference between a cucumber and a zucchini, so it might not be so dumb!


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