Delphine Breuil

Delphine’s green revolution is sowing seeds of happiness from Rouen to Le Havre.

Delphine Breuil

What is a nature lover’s nightmare? Working in a highly polluting company. Like Delphine, who realized that the world she wanted to leave for her children wasn’t made up of asparagus imported from Peru or apples imported from Chile.

It's while trying to grow squash (her favorite vegetable) on the green spaces of her office building that she realized that it wasn’t all that easy. There were no gardeners who could help her in the area! So she set up her own structure, and sprang to life!
Delphine is like that: she accepts every kind of challenge!

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that she likes adversity — if she enjoys stirring up dirt in the vegetable garden, it comes from a love of sharing. In fact, when you participate in one of her workshops, she will start by teaching you how to make your own herbal tea and will eventually show you how to make cuttings to continue planting at home.
Above all, Noocity's vegetable gardens are the beginning of a change!

Having left the company she worked at to devote herself to urban agriculture, she knows from experience that a corporate vegetable garden is a great tool for the well-being of employees. Creating a positive image of the company, attracting new talent, keeping those who are present and giving them the pleasure of growing what they’re going to eat... That has to count for something, right?


Future companies take care of their own, the others and the planet.

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