Florence Rolando

The best practices and a few recipes to wake up well and go to sleep even better.

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After working several years in the fashion industry between Paris, Milan, New York and London Florence Rolando have decided to move with her family to Porto. Now she grows her own herbs and vegetables during the whole year at her Noocity vegetable garden in the backyard.
It’s been a while now since Florence decided to commit with her passion for nature, well-being and healthy eating. Graduated in Systematic Kinesiology (TASK, London, United Kingdom) she has also a degree in Natural Medicine (Emac, Porto) and a professional certificate NAET®, TRM® and Niromathé®.

Being actively involved with the studies around the effects electromagnetic waves can have in our health, Florence had recently published the book "The waves, 5G and our health" published by the french Exuvie.
Passionate about healthy eating, Florence Rolando always goes for the unprocessed, organic and local foods. Today, she grows many aromatic herbs in her Noocity Vegetable Garden:
“I love herbs. I cook with many aromatic herbs, not only they bring us many benefits but also they improve taste and awake our taste buds and help you feel satiated. "
In these workshops, From the garden to the plate, Florence Rolando will reveal some tips on wellness and how to have a peaceful, energetic and natural day. This is an invitation to awareness, to know how to choose the right ingredients and know-how to respect our body. In addition, she’ll share with us some of her secret recipes, small treasures of flavour and vitality.


From the vegetable garden to the dish

The best practices and a few recipes to wake up well and go to sleep even better. With Naturopath and Kinesiologist Florence Roland.

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