The Porto Business School’s Edible Garden

The largest vegetable garden ever installed on the roof of a building in Portugal


"Love at first sight." That’s how Gonçalo Guerra, director of the institution, describes the connection between Porto Business School and Noocity. He discovered Noocity thanks to two colleagues who attended a sustainable management program. The garden is the perfect next step for the school — it had already adopted several measures promoting the environment and sustainable development.

April ushered in a glimmer of hope for the end of quarantine and gave the green light to finally complete the Noocity vegetable garden project on the roof of the Porto Business School. The school is now ready to reduce its carbon footprint, with a planned reduction in CO2 emissions of 6,800 kg per year.


A transition program
centered around a community garden.

Find out how the Noocity’s Ground Yourself Program helps your company with starting the ecological transition.

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