Pedro Rocha

The avant-garde Grower who wants to change our relationship with the earth.

Pedro Rocha

Pedro is the pioneer of our Noocity Growers. But we'll come back to that later. First, let's step back in time and learn about the journey that brought him here. His interest in the planet goes way back: he studied environmental sciences and pollution in Wales, UK and spent his first years in the field working in environmental technology companies.

But then his life took a new turn, and with the birth of his first daughter, his desire to change our relationship to the earth began to grow. In order to achieve this goal, he wondered, where could we begin? The answer was simple: by changing how we eat, buy, and produce our food.

Thus, in Porto in 2006, he became an organic farmer, built a business, and began market gardening, delivering products to customers’ homes. He then devoted nine years to this project — and, along the way, was part of the trio that developed and propelled the concept of AMAP (Association for close farming), a consumer group that directly supports one or many farmers by guaranteeing the sale of seasonal products.

Now let’s get back to our first sentence: in 2014, Pedro met José Ruivo and became the first Grower at Noocity. After several years of setting up vegetable gardens and advising clients, he created a network of 13 Growers and thus, gained 13 more children. Then, he stepped behind the scenes. Today his role is mainly a supportive one: he does everything he can to meet the needs of his farmers so that they lack nothing when taking care of the land.

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