Samuel Blanchard

Samuel is riding the wave of urban agriculture in Bordeaux.

Samuel Blanchard - Noocity Grower

With Samuel, farming is a family affair!
Between his grandfather who managed a rustic family farm with chickens, pigs and cows, and his father who reserved a plot for him in his big vegetable garden, the young sprout learned from his elders, and it was difficult for our Bordeaux grower to resist going outside and playing 27 years later.

So Samuel decided to turn towards an education in agricultural engineering. There, he met a woman who made his heart skip a beet and would later become his wife. Together, they discovered the Association Française de l'Agriculture Urbaine Professionnelle (AFAUP), which prompted him to join Noocity. We are thrilled!

Growing up surrounded by nature, Samuel has had the time to observe and understand it, so he also specializes in agroecology (production that relies on the functionalities available in an ecosystem) and wants to help people reconnect with agriculture. Allowing everyone to clearly see where their food comes from is a necessary fight.

For Samuel and all his scientific colleagues, it has been proven that plants contribute to human well-being. That’s why his workshops are such a source of relaxation at work by improving the living environment they generate and allowing employees to disconnect.

When he isn’t arm-deep in the dirt, Samuel is walking on it, going on the best hikes around Bordeaux and the Pyrenees. We highly recommend that you attend one of his workshops, if only to nab his hiking plans!


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