Simon Le Mellec

Simon grows everything he eats in Strasbourg.

simon le mellec

Listening to him talk, it doesn’t sound like Simon has always had a passion for gardening...
But it’s pretty rare for kids to stop in the fields of Alsace to collect corn kernels and grow them in their rooms!
In fact, Simon is not only passionate about gardening, but also about all of nature and our relationship to it, as humans. This even led him to get a degree in geography, because it combines his curiosity about our society and his attachment to nature.

So you can have fascinating discussions with him during your workshops.

You could chat around the Crops of the Future workshop (a film that changed things for him, so it's far from being a lemon) or share some anecdotes (he’d tell you with pride that he inspired his parents to grow their own vegetable garden, despite never having had a green thumb before), or just to chat about food (that always gets Simon talking!).

Speaking of food: have you heard of the goji berry?
He grows it in his garden. We call it the anti-aging berry.
And if we could, we’d eat a ton of it to return to his childhood with him. That way, we could go to the cornfields with him and learn to become talented gardeners at such an early age too.
A child who wakes up early and eager to grow things can’t possibly be a bad apple.


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