Timothée Olivier

Tim, 26 years old, brings everyone outside in Paris and Île-de-France.

Timothée Olivier

As a child, Tim couldn't stand being stuck inside.
Whenever he was asked to go to his room, he would try to make it feel like the outdoors.

Like pollen that floats around before finding its place, he searches for his own by connecting several missions through events, landscaping and architecture. He joined Noocity in 2019 to become a grower in Paris, seduced by this "awesome concept" (we promise, we didn't make him say that!).

Today, when Tim is not working with his “old friend” in the garden, he plants real vegetable gardens on the roofs of UNESCO with his bare hands. That includes tomatoes, a fruit that fascinates him, but not only that. It depends on the season, because for him, gardening is just that: learning to live with the seasons and consume more humbly, by connecting to the earth.

If you ever attend one of his workshops, you’re sure to awaken your gardening instinct from the very first dig. He finds it amazing how attracted people are to a vegetable garden as soon as it’s set up!

For our 26-year-old grower, the love of plants and human contact will make our cities the countryside of tomorrow.

So don't be shy, team up with Tim! :)


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