Yann Lescouarch

Yann plays with plants and words to the delight of Nantes’ vegetable gardens.

Yann Lescouarch

After more than 15 years working in large companies in Germany, Paris, and Nantes where his daily life was punctuated by double-entry spreadsheets, Yann decided to get his hands dirty by recovering a vegetable garden from a neighborhood grandfather who moved to a retirement home.

As a complete beginner, he inherited a 300m2 playground!
But as he puts it so well, people who don't have a green thumb are just those who haven't taken the time to fully understand plants.

After being charmed by plant life, the idea of ​​doing "edible landscaping" sprouted in his mind. Yann created his business « cultures d’entreprise » in 2015 and joined Noocity in September 2019 as the manager of the French and Belgium Growers network.

He considers that we are all equal before a piece of land, so don't be shocked if he talks to you casually right off the bat. He is all the more friendly, and you'll surely see it in the puns he makes! (“Are you radis?” will surely be the first you hear.)

Yann's greatest pleasure is sharing his knowledge and his passion for vegetable gardens.
He offers advice on sowing, planting, mulching, composting, etc. His workshop is full to the brim with helpful tips for starting a vegetable garden without fear.

With Yann, everyone (re)learns patience, the importance of social ties and connections with nature but also with oneself.

For our grower, urban agriculture is more than a pleasure, it is a real management tool, but also a way of preparing our cities for the future.

"We’ve lost a connection with nature that our great-grandparents had and that we must rediscover."


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4 Seasons at the vegetable garden

Digital Workshop with Yann

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4 Seasons at the vegetable garden

Learn how to maintain your edible garden 
throughout the 4 seasons of the year.

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Workshop with urban farmer and Noocity Grower Yann Lescouarch

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